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Investor Ready

We support Companies to get Investor ready from doing due diligence, to reviewing investor decks and preparing for interviews.

Identify your Fundraising Persona

What to learn what type of fundraiser you are?
Take our short 7 question quiz to help us identify your fundraising persona which will inform you on the things areas to focus on with your funding activities.

Our Fundraising Factory

Having a great deck and being able to present it well cuts no mustard if you don’t actually pitch. You may be blessed with a huge network of VCs. If you aren’t it can be a huge time sink to be generating the calls and meetings where you can show them the amazing opportunity that your startup is. Many of our best clients are great networkers, but they realise that the time spent chasing meetings is time that can be spent selling to customers, recruiting an amazing team or getting product market fit nailed. That’s where our fundraising factory can help.

Our Investor Ready Programme

Our Prime programme covers all aspects of preparation for investment raising, from reviewing business plans, validating sales and marketing assumptions, reviewing and if needed rewriting investor decks, performing company due-diligence to ensure all aspects of the business are operating and managed well, interview dry-runs, investor selection, plus help with negotiations and term sheets.

Our Investor Ready PRIME programme is available to any of our Portfolio Companies for any stage of Investment from Seed to Series D.

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