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We recognise that occasionally Companies require more intense bespoke consultancy

Customer Discovery

Do you really know your customers? Often startups fail to understand customers’ problems deeply enough. This single error is responsible for the majority of startup failures – startups building a product that isn’t wanted, needed or used. 

In this programme, we take you through why customer discovery is so important, how to do it well and give you specific actionable advice in each session. As a result of this, you will not only know your customers better than your competitors, you will also have created relationships that will enable sales later on, and be reducing your design and engineering costs as you build only what customers require.

The course is deeply influenced by the lean startup methodology and how 500 Startups run their world-famous startup accelerators.

B2B Sales

Without customers your startup is dead. In the B2B environment, it is harder and slower to get customers, even though they pay substantially more. 
In this programme, we help you understand the nature of B2B sales for startups, how to get POCs and pilots and how to convert them into commercial opportunities. You will get to understand who you need to talk to, how you need to talk to them, and how to create a compelling case of why the business should try a product or service from a startup that they have never heard of.

Startup Strategy

Startup success is not about creating a better product. That’s the entry point. Most startups that enter a market with a great product or service die. Often companies with worse products or services succeed.
In this programme, we help you craft a strategy that focuses you on the key elements that will lead your business to success. We will get you to focus on what matters and make hard choices about what you are not going to do. You’ll also work hard to understand how you can raise the costs of competition for your competitors so that you are one of the few startups in your market opportunity to survive.

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