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Wisdom Works Ventures

Wisdom Works Ventures (previously Pardoe Ventures) provides technical and business consultancy and sources of investment funding to AI Startups that will be the next generation of successful businesses of the future.

Our Story

Founded by Professor Andy Pardoe, Pardoe Ventures was started to find and support the AI startups that have something unique and innovative from a technology perspective.

Our focus is exclusively on Artificial Intelligence startups. When founded in 2018 we only worked with UK based startups, but now we work with Startups globally and have USA and European startups within our Portfolio.

We are the only specialist AI Ventures firm with deep technical and business expertise in the field, dedicated to support the next generation of AI companies.

Our Founder

Professor Andy Pardoe is the founder and CEO of Wisdom Works, a specialist AI consultancy that helps UK based AI start-ups to accelerate their innovation, growth and business success on the global stage. Our’ consultative approach is underpinned by its funding, business and technical advisors and partners that enables the next generation of AI entrepreneurs to scale up for success. Andy works only with the best AI start-ups, from idea to seed to Series A, and partners with founders to help their businesses grow.

Andy is an experienced CTO and CEO, having worked across a number of industry sectors. He has over 25 years expertise of global change programmes delivering complex technical transformations including, Enterprise Scaled AI delivery and commercialisation. His focus is on driving client adoption and demonstrating the value to clients of applying intelligent solutions within their technology landscape. Previously, he was Principal Director for Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Digital with a focus on delivery across multiple industry groups including Financial Services, Health & Public Safety and Telecoms, Media and Technology. Andy has knowledge of the organisational, ethical, governance and cultural challenges of AI adoption.

Prof Andy Pardoe

Managing & Founding Partner

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Andy is the chair of the Deep Tech Innovation Centre at Warwick Innovation District, where he advises deep tech founders, who want to create a sustainable business built on AI or emerging technologies.

Andy is an Expert Advisor to the British Government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence and is listed by IBM Watson in the Top 30 of AI Influencers globally. He has three degrees from Warwick University (BEng, PhD, MBA), and an Honorary Professorship.

Andy is a thought leader in the field of AI, developing new frameworks to help monitor the progress of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, including areas of cognitive and conscious computing. In 2020, Andy was an advisor to the film documentary, ‘We Need to Talk about AI’ and co-author of ‘The AI Book’.

Our Values

We have three core values that drives our focus and interactions


We believe that innovation is the core driver of sustainable value for any technology company. Our focus on novel business models, technology solutions and customer experience is most important to us.


We approach business with a highly competitive but respectful and fair perspective. We demonstrate this ethos with every interaction we have. 


We know that without collaboration we are unable to drive value to our portfolio companies and so are always inclusive with partners, corporates and advisors to ensure we are finding the best opportunities and advice for our cohort startups

Our Specialised Programmes

All of our programmes are customised to your specific needs



Ideation for your Business Concept


Our Early Stage Accelerator Programme


Business Model Review & Creation


Our Growth Catalyst, Market & Geography

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