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We’re Going to Help You Get Funded. Bigger Rounds, Faster Funding, Less Stress.

Welcome to the Fundraising Factory

We’re Going to Help You Get Funded
Bigger Rounds,
Faster Funding,
Less Stress

Step 1 – Get a Pitch Deck Review

Many decks have features that turn investors off. In this professional pitch deck review, Denis and Andy will sit down with your deck and give you clear actionable feedback on what you need to change and improve.

You’ll get advice on deck structure, deck order and how to present the core of your idea to investors so that you excite them.

Once you have made the changes to your deck you will have a much punchier deck.
It will connect faster with investors and lead to more follow-on conversations

Bigger Rounds, Faster Funding, Less Stress

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What you get:

  • Deck walkthrough
  • 30 minutes of detailed video analysis
  • Action list of detailed and specific changes that you need to make
  • Feedback on
    • design
    • structure
    • story arc
    • credibility
    • authority
    • trust
    • impact


  • Clear guidance on how to present your
    • Problem
    • Target Market
    • Solution
    • Revenue Model
    • Team
    • Go To Market
    • Financials
    • Traction, and
    • How to ask for the cash!

Step 2 – Practice your Pitch

An amazing deck is no use if you can’t deliver. Too many entrepreneurs don’t have the confidence they need. Delivery is flat boring or tangential. Once the investor starts thinking ‘why am I here, about their next call, or the message that has just pinged, you are toast.

That’s bad. This feedback gives you independent, clear advice on what you need to change and how to practice your pitch.

When you send us a video of your pitch we will give you actionable feedback on your pitch
so that you can make it better, faster than you imagine.

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What you get:

  • A4 report on key changes that you need to make
  • Direct actionable feedback on
    • Appearance
    • Audio and visual quality
    • Voice
    • Confidence
    • Fluency
    • Focus
    • Impact
    • Investability
  • Second by second feedback. When you record your pitch in Loom we go through it second by second, identifying how you can make a bigger impact

Ours find that this transforms their results because not only do they pitch so much better, but they are so much more confident in doing it. That changes everything for you.

Bigger Rounds, Faster Funding, Less Stress

Step 3 – Fill your Funnel

Having a great deck and being able to present it well cuts no mustard if you don’t actually pitch. You may be blessed with a huge network of VCs. If you aren’t it can be a huge time sink to be generating the calls and meetings where you can show them the amazing opportunity that your startup is.

Many of our best clients are great networkers, but they realise that the time spent chasing meetings is time that can be spent selling to customers, recruiting an amazing team or getting product market fit nailed.

So we do it for you.

How it works is like this.

We make sure that you are investor-ready – Steps 1 and 2. Then we look at our database of over 10,000 venture capital and angel investors and reach out to them.

Based on sending tens of thousands of emails to investors we know what to write so that they read, consider and reply to you.

This is direct from your email to them, with some technical magic. They reply to you and it’s then a simple matter to book a meeting with them.

Often when we reach out to investors for you you will have 15 or twenty calls over the next couple of weeks. Then champ, the pressure’s on you to convert. You’ve got that covered though!

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What you get:

  • One hour consulting Session with Andy or Denis understanding who you want to target and how to craft the outreach.
  • Copywriting of outbound cold email to achieve open rates of >30%
  • Structuring of email content to maximise interest and get call booked
  • Targetting of investors by
    • Type
      • Angel – best for pre-seed and seed
      • VC – best for Seed and series A
    • Geography
      • UK
      • US
      • SE Asia (Including Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia)
      • Others as required
    • Sector
    • Investment hypothesis (coming in 2022)
  • 1,000 outbound emails to investor segments of your choice
  • Detailed reporting and anlytics of the impact of the outreach

We don’t share with you the database or who we sent it to. You get results, and those are what matter.

We’ve spent thousands of hours building this system and getting it to work reliably so you don’t have to. You win twice. Once because you get dozens of hours back each week when you are not fruitlessly prospecting. And secondly, because you get to pitch to high-value investors who can give you a 5000% return on your investment.

Bigger Rounds, Faster Funding, Less Stress

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