Startup Application

Startups can apply at any time to join our 2020 Cohort, we conduct an extensive review and onboarding process, the application form is just the starting point.

Our Startup Programmes

We have a number of different programmes that relate to the stage of development your startup is at. Our focus is aligning the support we give to what you need, when you need it. Our programmes are tailored to focus on the areas of development you need help with.


Boost is our AI Accelerator for early stage Startups, from pre-Idea to Seed stages of development. We work with you to develop your business proposition and potential.


Getting a company investor ready is a significant undertaking and requires a range of activities to ensure you are the most prepared you can be for this very important phase of your business.


For more mature startups that are now looking to maximise its potential and looking to grow across various dimensions, from geographic to market sector. 

The Application Process

The application process is divided into three parts. The application submission, the interview and the onboarding review. Each part is significant and can take several weeks to complete. The onboarding review may take several months and allows us to better understand the founders and their business and is a key driver for us to select the right programme for you to join. 


Only 25% of Startups that Apply are Accepted


Application Submission

Simply fill in the form below to start the process of joining Pardoe Ventures. All information provided will remain confidential and not shared with any third-party company, investor or individual who is not part of our review process.

Selection Interview

The interview is an opportunity to meet in person and to discuss your startup, what your vision is for it, what help you need and your plans for the future.

Onboarding Review

The onboarding process is tailored to you and your business individually and allows for a more in-depth analysis of your business potential and the support you need to be successful. 

25% Programme Acceptance

We find that only around 25% of the startups that apply make it onto one of our programmes. Our onboarding is an intensive process that allows us to evaluate the startup from both a business and technical perspective. We only accept companies that we believe we can support and help with their growth ambitions.