Pitch Review

When you work on your own pitch it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds and then underwhelm investors when it matters.

Then you lose twice. You waste your time, and you miss the opportunity to impress the investor you’ve worked so hard to get a meeting with.

In this power-packed one hour session, Andy and I will give you the feedback that you need to make an impact.

It works like this.

  1. You send us your deck
  2. We’ll review it and give you hard-hitting feedback – either as a screencast or a list of changes to make
  3. We have a call and we talk through all the issues – and you get to ask all the questions that you want.

Then you polish and go out and make a difference!

How do we know this works?

Because we’ve had customers who have sat down with us after fruitlessly pitching, listened to our feedback, and then gone out and raised over a million quid. Our 40 years of combined pain and experience mean that you don’t have to suffer as we did!

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