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We support some of the most exciting AI Companies, we are technical experts first, investors second, with AI within our DNA.

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Our Three Core Services

We focus on business, technical and investment support & advisory

Our Specialised Programmes

All of our programmes are customised to your specific needs



Ideation for your Business Concept


Our Early Stage Accelerator Programme


Business Model Review & Creation


Our Growth Catalyst, Market & Geography

Application, Selection & Onboarding

The application process is divided into three parts. The application submission, the interview and the onboarding review. Each part is significant and can take several weeks to complete. Our selection process means we only work with the very best companies working on AI applications.

Because of our specialist and customised programmes we only focus on the very best Startups. Our selection progress rejects between 75% to 80% of applicants.

The onboarding review may take several months and allows us to better understand the founders and their business and is a key driver for us to select the right programme for you to join.

Find out why we are very different from other Accelerators

We build long-term supportive relationships, rather than short-term limited benefit startup programmes. We become part of your team and provide ongoing value to your company


Success Stories

Join our 2022 Cohort of AI Founders

Join our 2022 Cohort of AI Founders

Are you an AI Startup Founder? Are you looking for a combination of business and technology support and guidance? Are you interested in developing cutting edge technology as part of your startup business? If you answer Yes to all three of these questions, we would be...

Call for AI Experts and Experienced Practitioners

Call for AI Experts and Experienced Practitioners

Are you an AI academic, researcher or experienced data scientist? Are you interested in joining an AI Startup as a founder or advisor? If your answer is yes to both of these questions then we would love to speak with you Pardoe Ventures is a specialist consultancy to...

Why AI Startups Need a New Business Model

Why AI Startups Need a New Business Model

Join me live on Tuesday JULY 21st  5pm BST where I will be discussing Why AI Startups Need a New Business Model with GSD Venture Studios Gary Fowler. Live on https://www.facebook.com/gsdventurestudios #GoGlobal Find out more about our Juice Business Model...

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