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Advisory Network

We already have a strong network of advisors, mentors & coaches which cover the full range of business activities that support our startup portfolio. 

However, as we are taking on more startups the need for additional mentors increases and we are keen to grow our team of trusted experts.

Advisory Approach

We have defined both a flexible but structured mentoring approach that provides the support our founders need when they require it. We find this method has the best results and engagement with both the startups and our mentors & coaches.

Once a startup joins our cohort a schedule is worked out based on the current business status and plans for growth.

Additional consultancy support can be provided, on demand,
via our SEEK Programme.

We can also provide one of our senior advisors as a NED for your board meetings and ongoing leadership team support.

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We are always looking for additional advisors to join our team as we take on more startups we have increasing demand for experienced business leaders across all industry sectors to support our portfolio.

If you are interested to work with and support some of the most innovative AI startups, please send us your contact details and someone in our team will setup a call with you to discuss the details of how we work.

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